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The University of Texas at Arlington Mathematics Data Visuals Question

Use the data to answer the following questions:

89 72 92 72 62 78 65 85 90 90 71 79 58 90 73 60 90 67 82 78 35 57 84 93 87 95 60 73 78 71 73 75 80 80 96 70 80 92 67 57 83 45 85 40

Be sure to answer the following questions: 

Are there helpful ways of representing the scores visually and numerically? Try to apply all the ways that we have discussed. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What words would you use to describe this data set to another teacher? What features do you think are important? How do your graphs support your description? Be precise as possible.

How might you go about assigning grades to scores? Make a grade assignment and explain why you choose it.

How could you describe the “middle” of the data? Be specific.

How could you describe the overall “spread” of the data? Be specific.

What might you conclude about your class’s understanding?

A write-up is a detailed solution to an assigned exploration. These write-ups should be readable independently of any worksheet on which they are based, in good English, be in paragraph form, and either legibly handwritten in ink or word-processed.

Overall, the problem report needs to 

Clearly state the problems to be solved.

State the answers in complete sentences that stand on their own.

Define all variables, terminology and notation used.

Include visual representations of the data with clear labeling. (Use the forms we have discussed in this class: stem-and-leaf, histogram, pie graphs, and box and whisker plots.)

Clearly communicate the advantages and disadvantages of the tables and graphs.

Provide a description of each of the graphs and tables and how they describe the scores.

Give a precise and well-organized explanation of all answers.

Explain analysis on how and why you would assign grades (i.e. what constitutes A’s, B’s,…).

Clearly communicate the quantitative statistics that measure the “middle” (mean, median, and mode) and “spread” (range and standard deviation) of the data and a verbal description of the statistics.


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