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The University of Texas at Dallas Return Free Filing Discussion

Watch and post!  3 posts, each 150 words or more.  Does this video surprise you?  Do you support a different type of taxation?  Should the IRS be eliminated?  Why would anyone or any group be opposed to making the tax laws easier to follow? What is an “ideal” way to tax?  Just a few questions to get you standard!

this is the first one 

This video serves as a great eye opener to just how corrupt the taxing system is. It is unnecessarily difficult for one to file taxes when in actuality, this difficulty serves no purpose other than filling the pockets of independent corporations. Return free filing should most certainly be a readily available feature for all Americans, just as it is in other countries, but unfortunately in typical American fashion this system is curtained off from the American public because it does not align with the interests of tax convenience businesses. Companies like H&R Block paying money to block bills that would make life easier for the American people is a pretty egregious act yet you never hear anyone shaming it. It has become too normal for us to accept that businesses are putting their own interest over the public. Return free filing should be passed and taxes should be made more convenient for all involved, considering we’re the ones paying them.

the second one:

This video absolutely surprises me, I had no clue that the government was able to offer return free filing, a concept I most definitely support. With return free filing, the federal government and IRS calculate your taxes for you and send you a bill, and you check their work. Typically it’s the other way around with you having to fill out W-2’s, 1099’s and things of that nature for the IRS to check once they receive, miscalculations, even accidental can result in extreme consequences. I personally do believe that the IRS should be eliminated, although taxes are typically used by city’s and town surrounding tax payers many tax dollars are used for things that do not benefit citizens such as investment in foreign countries, foreign aid, and certain government developments and organizations.


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