I’m stuck on a Management question and need an explanation.

This is graded homework. Include a problem statement with each problem. Put your name, course, assignment number, and page number at the top of each page.

1.(5 points) Create an MS Project schedule for the project above.Assign the activities fixed costs as shown in the table. Submit a network diagram for the entire project that fits on a single landscape page. Format the nodes only to have task name and duration. Arrange activity nodes and format the page for clarity (no tiny printing).

2.(5 points) Create an Early Start cash flow bar chart and S-Curve for the project without imposing any constraints. Submit a plot of the S-Curve superimposed on the cash flow bar chart by month.

3.(6 points) Set the baseline for your original early start schedule. Adjust the schedule to keep cash flow (progress payments) under $110,000 per month. Use any technique that you like. Submit a Tracking Gantt Chart view showing the original baseline and your revised schedule. Also submit and a cash flow bar chart and S-Curve plot for the revised schedule.

4.(5 points) Start with your original schedule and add the resource “D8” to the activities to track the number of bulldozers needed. Print out a “Resource Graph” view showing utilization of D8 bulldozers.

5. (6 points) Repeat problem 4 but constrain the schedule so that you do not exceed 10 D8 bulldozers in any month. Use any method that you like but explain what you did.