Can you help me understand this Communications question?

These are three separate short question

1. How can technology be used to provide services for young children and engage young children in a healthy learning environment? Provide at least three examples.

2. What are the major sources of stress and what are the stages that children go through in responding to stress? How can stress manifest in the classroom? Provide three examples.

3. Why is it important to use positive approaches to discipline and guidance? Provide at least three examples of these positive approaches.

Here are the Books you can use to access the information, Guidance of Young Children 9th ed..Marian Marion

Infants, Toddlers and Caregivers (A Curriculum of Respectful, Responsive, Relationship-Based Care and Education…Janet Gonzalez-Mena/Dianne Widmeyer Eyer

Supporting Play in Early Childhood 2nd ed..Environment,Curriculum,Assessment…Dorothy Justus Sluss

“No Answer can be access from the internet”, Each question must be at least 500-750 words per essay.

Format: APA style