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tip for fixing question one

The target market analysis doesn’t really differentiate you from your competition. In other words, any coffee shop could address this broad range of customer. We want to find a niche that will sustain your coffee stand. Especially since coffee shops are like commodities nowadays. So, let’s get more specific about who your ideal customer is. Remembering you can’t be everything to everybody.

2) The SWOT analysis is good. Ideally these are formatted in short bullet points. You’ll want to add a PEST analysis.

3) I suspect you have more than 3 direct competitors. You’ll want to create an all-inclusive list of your direct competitors here. It’s important to know exactly who you’re competing with in order to successfully win market share. Overlooking competitors can have a devastating impact on a business.

4) The marketing budget looks good. You’ll want to be more specific though about what TV slots you’ll use, what radio stations you’ll advertise on, where you’ll publish ads, etc. The idea is that I could pick up your plan and execute on it knowing exactly where you intended to advertise, when, for how long, and at what cost.

I’m hoping that helps? Once you’ve finalized the plan let me take a second look at it. Then you’re ready to put together the PPT.


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