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Prospectus Due: 7.7

You may (and are encouraged to do so) send me a draft of the prospectus in progress at any time during the course to make sure that you are on track and doing work of a passing level for this course. Do so via email attachment.

When you’re ready to submit the prospectus, do so through the assignment in Module 1.

The prospectus should include the following:

  1. A list of the three primary texts from the course reading list you’re going to analyze and the theme you’re working to join the works together and explicate them.
  2. A working thesis for the paper that clearly sets out your argument and interpretation of the three works. This thesis may change as you finish the paper, but I want to see your direction and how you’re going to approach your topic.
  3. Annotations for four potential sources drawn from the MLA Bibliography. Each annotation should include the full MLA-style bibliographic information and a paragraph of several sentences that includes a summary of the source and a sense of how it might be useful for your paper.