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Implementing change anywhere is a difficult task. In order to successfully implement change, the people must understand the benefit of the change and the reason for the change. Two barriers that may prevent my EBP change proposal include the work environment, and the habits of the nurses in place at my facility. Behavior change is a difficult task to undergo especially when certain habits have been in place for over decades. Many nurses in this profession are familiar with doing things a certain way. If the work environment is not conductive to positive change, this may also result in the failure to implement my EBP change proposal. The best way to battle the difficult behavior change is to introduce the change gradually (Wallis, 2014). It is impossible to expect changes to certain tasks day by day, people can become properly accommodated. In order to provide a healthy work environment for change, people must feel valued along with their feelings and options. The nurses should be part of the implementation process.


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