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Touro College Eriksons Psychosocial Development Elder Abuse Report

The topic is elder abuse. the framework that must be utilized is (E. Erikson’s psychosocial development)

Interview 3 people who have specialized knowledge in the topic area. At least one of which has experienced or is experiencing the issue you are exploring. You may also interview human service providers with experience in your chosen topic area. In your paper, preconceptions you had on your topic prior to the interviews and whether they were confirmed should be discussed as well as any surprising information obtained.

Research the top[ic using professional literature. You should include a minimum of of 3 articles from professional journals.

In your paper discuss discuss 1) the characteristics of the life course phase and 2) the nature and impact of the biopsychosocial issue/developmental challenge. Relevant factors at multiple systems levels should be addressed (i.e. individual, family, organizational, and community factors, as well as political, economic, and ideological factors).

“I was able to create an outline”

1)what is the phase of development you are focusing on? Old Age

2)What is the issue/challenge? Elder abuse is a critical health problem, many survivors report a high rate of depression.

3)Why is #2 a problem for #1 specifically? Individuals that experienced elder abuse studies shown that they’ve withdrawn from social interactions, they would blame themselves, which also cause shame and guilt.

4) what are your initial ideas re: relevant individual and family factors? Emotional elder abuse caused by intimidation through yelling or threats. Elder neglect which is a failure to fulfill a care taking obligation.

5) what are your initial ideas re: relevant organizational and community factors? Organizational or community factor for elder abuse consist of medicaid fraud, or financial exploitation. These victims often lack someone who they can discuss and even monitor financial concerns

6)What are your initial ideas re: relevant political, economic, and ideological factors? Economic factors are the elderly not being able to afford their medications, so at times they may be undereducated by their caregivers. Political factors includes adult protective services, mandatory elder abuse reporting, and long term ombudsman program


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