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Base on Oral Report as the benchmark, you can add, try not to delete, and have title page.

The main parts are:
1. Description of the event.
2. The Views of both sides of the Republican party and the Democratic Party.
3. Your own perspective.
4. Prediction of events.

You can delete the Wikipedia’s resources, cuz it’s not required.

Your paper is on the same topic as your oral report but written in much more detail. Your paper should be at least five pages long of content but not exceed twenty pages. The last page should contain a bibliography containing all sources written in alphabetical order and in the correct bibliographic style. Your paper should have at least three bibliographic sources. Please do not use Wikipedia as a source. You should use newspapers, magazines, and the internet. Your paper should have no direct quotes, written in the third person, and have in text citation whenever you cite an opinion or a statistic. You must cite scholarly opinions (be sure to just paraphrase then and not directly quote) from reliable sources about the event. Lastly, your paper must be typed double-spaced.