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Troy University Social Work Inspiring Others Discussion

When in doubt, remember that your opinions should be supported with fact. Citing and referencing sources can lessen an indication of plagiarism and make your argument seem more substantive. Remember, great responses have more to say than “I agree” or “I disagree.” Each original post must be 175 to 250 words to be considered substantive. Each reply must be 100 to 150 word to be substantive. When you read another student’s post (or the instructor’s post), you have the ability to expand the conversation. To do this, you can reference material or, when appropriate, relate it to your own life experience. *Tip/Hint* Utilize APA citation and references where warranted.

Post in the discussion thread – Do NOT attach a Word document – I will not read it.

Provide the title of each topic (i.e. Key Elements, Your Theory, & Time Management) prior to responding to them.

Along the Way

One of the ways in which social workers inspire others is through providing both a vision of what is possible and a means for achieving the vision. Give an example from your personal or professional life of how you have inspired others in this way.

Pros and Cons

What is meant by the phrase “leading by example”? What are the pros and cons of employing this philosophy to inspire others? Provide an example of a person who “led by example.” 


Reflect on your own personal qualities and circumstances. Identify and discuss at least one characteristic that you think might be beneficial in advocating for organizational change and at least one that might be less than helpful or even harmful. Demonstrate how you can actually use your strength(s) to lessen the negative impact of personal qualities that might not be as useful when advocating for organizational change. 

***** To get clarity you can look in ch 9 and 10 in the book Generalist Practice with Oraganizations and Communities


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