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TSL 2083 Seminole State College Early Literacy Development of English Learners Ques

Some of you will be working (or are working) with students who are beginning to read and write, and some of you will be working with students at other stages of their English Learning. For this assignment, I tried to pull some of the objectives to allow you to focus on early literacy development of students at any age. For those of you who teach older students (or want to in the future), tailor this assignment to potential students you may have who are brand new English learners. These students will go through some of the early literacy development described.

For this assignment, you have a choice of 3 questions to answer. Choose 2 to complete. Please include the question number in your answer. Your answers should be a minimum of 250 words each. If you use resources, give a citation. Please do not excessively quote or paraphrase from the textbook or other sources. Answer by touching on points offered in the text, then expand upon them, explain, give examples, etc.. Your answers should blend textbook ideas with your thoughts. I don’t want information straight from the text as answers (that’s already in the book, so it’s not needed here. I want to know what you think about the material :).

Here are the 3 questions to choose from:

  1. Discuss the research on the early literacy development of English Learners.

(Include your thoughts and opinions about what the textbook says about this – don’t just say what the textbook says.)

2. Describe several ways in which family and community may nurture early literacy of English learners.

(Again, please just don’t tell the ideas that the textbook gives, Use the textbook information as a jumping off point for your own ideas.)

3. Explain how to differentiate early literacy instruction for English learners.

(Don’t tell me about getting ready to differentiate – assessing and what you can use to assess their current level – talk about how you will actually differentiate. Don’t give a list of strategies, tell how will your instruction will be different for your native and non-native English speakers)

As always, be sure to submit well-written academic work.


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