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TSL 2083 Seminole State College Oral Language Development Strategies Discussion

On pages 172-185 in the textbook, some specific activities are given as classroom practices. These will form the basis of this discussion. This discussion will include just a post (no response required).

For this discussion begin by completing the 2 items below:

1) Review pages 172-185

2) Choose one of the 11 strategies given on p.172-179. Create or find an activity that you could use with a class based on one of the strategies. This could be a warm up, assignment, project, assessment, etc. If you are currently teaching, consider creating (or finding) an activity you would/could actually use in a class.

If you teach (or want to teach) Math, Science, or Social Studies, then also think about academic language features (p. 179-185).

There are some videos given on p. 172-174 that may be helpful for ideas.

Then for your POST:

  • Give the title of the activity and the link (or write it out if you created it). Be sure that any link points to a specific activity. If there is more than one on the page where the link takes you, please be specific about which activity you are sharing. If giving an activity from a print journal or book, provide a complete citation. (2 pts.)
  • Tell which of the 11 strategies you chose (1 pt.)
  • Give a sample context in which you could use this activity. For example, what would you have students do with it? Would all students complete this or just your English Learners? Would it be a group activity, individual, pairs, etc.? Would it be at the beginning/middle/end of a unit, a lesson, a class, etc.? (min. 4 sentences) (4 pts.)
  • Give a suggested grade level and discipline (English, Math, Science, etc). Figure 5.5 on page 194 may aid in determining this. (1 pt.)
  • Tell in which of these categories you would place this activity: (1 pt.)
    • warm up
    • assessment (and specify before instruction, during instruction, or after instruction)
    • project
    • assignment (and specify in or out of class)
    • other – if you feel it fits somewhere not listed – and please specify how you would categorize it
  • Tell why you chose or created this particular activity or lesson plan, and how it might be especially helpful with ESL students (although you may do it with all students in your class). (min. 2 sentences) (2 pts.)


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