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TU Goals Threshold Target High Performance Management Project

I’m working on a management project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Can someone help categorize my goals into the three categories of threshold, target and high performance?:

Goal Setting

Core Requirements: Provide support to our faculty as it relates to the success and growth of clinical, education and academics within the division. Review administrative needs/support and propose proper support structure. Hire new staff. Manage the administrative team to ensure wellness and engagement by focusing on pay equity, work/life balance, workload parity, and provide ongoing training and support.

Goal 1-Successfully hire and transition retiring employee work

My plan : start the recruiting process prior to retiree departure. Work with recruitment with screening applicants & setting up interviews

Identifying best fit applicants from applicant pool, narrowing down to best fit person. hire and onboard new employee. once employee is hired, properly train employee how to do all tasks– have employee work closely with the retiree but also other staff-

how do i break this task down into threshold, target, high performance categories? should i add any information?

Goal 2Restructure AA team to better support attendings- I plan to do this by identifying gaps in skill set, Disseminate work appropriately among staff by seeing which staff have too many programs and doctors they are supporting- request additional FTE ( additional hire) to help faculty with more administrative needs as we do not currently have the bandwidth to support all projects. how do i break this down into threshold, target, high performance categories? should i add anything?



High Performance

Goal 3 Successfully sustain effective hybrid workforce model

Alternate between in-office and remote work. Create a monthly rotational hybrid schedule for all AA’s. Create backup schedule to cover last minute call outs. be mindful of faculty needs. May possibly need to have team in office 2 days a week vs 1 day a week. Meet with team members via video conference one day a week. plan to discuss ongoing projects, needs, issues and concerns they may have. Encourage staff to connect with faculty they support often, especially when in the office. how do i break this down into threshold, target, high performance categories? should i add anything?


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