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UA Contract Lifecycle Management Using the Iaccm Model Report

  • Use      a high-profile contract with plenty of information in the public domain      and is either now complete or near completion/or has been running for a      long time – apply the Contract Life Management (CLM) framework and      identify what has worked/is working, what didn’t work and what lessons can      be learnt. For contracts that have not completed, identify risks with any      future stages and what should be in place, evaluate the risk mitigation      strategy proposed (if it is available), or suggest what mitigating actions      could be taken. Major contracts like those with the architect for the      Scottish Parliament, construction of the 2012 Olympics, HS2 or British      Library are examples of projects with significant data in the public      domain. If you can, find out what standard form of contract was used, and      consider whether this had any impact on the successes or issues      encountered.

writing based on the original literature (this and this were occurred in the Olypmics while the literature says it should be this and that) pros and cons.. (simply a critical writing)

– procurement should be covered (i know its in the details the you mentioned)…

– close out too will be discussed ( i mean everything in the attached photo)

– critical success factors…

– diagrams and charts to be used intelligently (as they are not included in the word count) (was already mentioned before assigning the assignment )- you could actually reflect what happened in the Plympics through the steps in a diagram

– if there is any table, then it will be included in the word count

– the main concentration will be on the manage phase as it has many things to be discussed

– KPIs would be a good target to be discussed.…

 might help you

– so (initiate, bid, manage, negotiate, and closout) will all be covered in details.

– if you want to use any graph from a reference, please do but add the reference to it.

– harvard referencing.

– what you have already initiated is awesome.


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