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UAB Week 6 Approaches Used to Treat Opioid Addiction Evaluation Essay

The next step in your community assessment is to evaluate at least three (3) interventions

or approaches that have been used to prevent or treat opioid addiction. The Intervention

model, a conceptual framework for defining population-based practice to improve

population health is used to characterize interventions (MDH, 2001).

Interventions should address one of the three levels of prevention: primary prevention

(prior to opioid use), secondary prevention (detection and treatment of early stage opioid

misuse/abuse), and tertiary prevention (reducing the effects of opioid addiction and

support during recovery from opioid addiction.) Specific interventions should focus on

surveillance, screening, outreach, disease management, case management, care delivery,

health teaching, outreach, counseling, clinical management, and/or policy development.

Approaches should be aimed at the appropriate level of practice: individual, care setting,

organization, or community.

Barriers to implementing the intervention (cost, culture, time, etc.) and facilitators that

enhance its success (legislation, funding, stakeholder interest, etc.) are discussed for each

intervention. A recommendation for one (1) intervention with specific rationale is

provided, including a minimum of three (3) outcome measures to evaluate its

effectiveness in care delivery.


1. List three (3) interventions or approaches that have been used in the

prevention and/or treatment of treat opioid addiction using Table 1. In Table 1,

add a title, and for the source column, include the full reference using APA

formatting. Use landscape layout for the table.

2. For each intervention, briefly describe the intervention, how it was evaluated

(i.e. study design, sample, evaluation methods), findings, and study limitation if

noted. In your description, also include perceived barriers to and facilitators for


3. Recommend one (1) intervention, including rationale and three (3) outcome

measures to evaluate its effectiveness in care delivery.

4. For each intervention, provide a list of anticipated or possible barriers to that

intervention, as well as resources or planning needed to overcome each



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