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UArizona Global Campus Individual Autonomy in Self Managing Teams Case Questions

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The mini case should describe a group or team in need of some sort of evaluation or intervention by the team leader or manager. The context of the problem or solution should correspond with the assigned chapter. In addition to providing the story, the mini case should pose two or three questions to be answered by the class. The questions should be designed in a way that the answers demonstrate learning of the chapter concepts and key theories. The third or final question is one that asks the student to specifically recommend solutions (based on the chapter readings) to the problem described in the mini case.

Example answers to each question should also be submitted to the instructor. Suggested answers should be based on the textbook only (no outside sources) and should provide details and page numbers back to the chapter readings so you can later use this information for peer feedback.

An original mini case means that the entire submission has been created by the team and not copied from any existing source. Although the mini case is expected to be fictional, is is reasonable to assume that the students’ prior experiences will be used as the underlying basis for the submission.

An example mini case (and accompanying questions) is provided under the discussions for week 1, chapter 1.

The team will also be responsible for evaluating their classmates’ answers to the mini case questions.

Teams will submit their mini case and suggested answers here and I will post the case to the discussion board prior to the start of the week:

1) Required title page (Of course)

2) Mini case

3) Questions – using these specific directions.

Answer the following questions in full sentence format. Remember to use cited key terms, definitions, and theories from your textbook in each of your answers. In-paragraph citations (with page numbers) and a formal reference are always expected.

4) Suggested answers written by the mini case authorship team.


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