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UArizona Global Campus Objectives of The Army Discussion

According to ADP 1, The Army, there are 5 objectives which the Army has to meet in order to achieve its vision: The Army Vision. You will complete the following for this assignment.

1. Read through all of the objectives. 

2. Explain which top 2 objectives stand out to you and why. Your post should provide a reasonable explanation as to why you chose those two objectives as your top 2.

2-3 paragraphs long (250-300 words) in length

The Below information is what you will use to answer the above question.

To achieve our vision, the Army must meet five objectives in the coming years:

? Man

? Organize.

? Train.

? Equip.

? Lead.

3-7. The first objective is to man. This involves growing the Regular Army above 500,000 Soldiers, with

associated growth in the National Guard and Army Reserve. The Army will meet this objective by recruiting

and retaining high quality, physically fit, mentally tough Soldiers who can deploy, fight, and win decisively

on any future battlefield. (See figure 3-1.)

3-8. Organize is the second objective that ensures warfighting formations have sufficient infantry, armor,

engineer, artillery, and air defense assets. Units from brigade through corps must also have the ability to

conduct sustained ground and air intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; electronic warfare; and

cyberspace operations to shape the battlefield across all domains. Aviation, additional combat support, and

robust logistic support must be readily available to units.

3-9. The third objective is train. Effective training focuses on high-intensity conflict, with an emphasis on

operating in dense urban terrain, in electronically degraded environments, and under constant surveillance.

Training must be tough, realistic, iterative, and dynamic. Continuous movement, battlefield innovation, and

combined arms maneuver with the joint force, allies, and partners must be its hallmarks. This training requires

rapid expansion of our synthetic training environments and distributing simulations capabilities further down

to the company level to significantly enhance Soldier and team lethality.

3-10. Equip is the fourth objective. Equipping the Army means modernizing the force. First, the Army

reforms the current acquisition system. Second, the Army unifies the modernization enterprise under a single

command to focus the Army’s efforts on delivering the weapons, combat vehicles, sustainment systems, and

equipment that Soldiers need when they need it. This modernization includes experimenting with and

developing autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics to make Soldiers more effective and

units less logistically dependent.

3-11. The last objective is lead. The Army will develop smart, thoughtful, and innovative leaders of character

who are comfortable with complexity and capable of operating from the tactical to the strategic level. We

will build a new talent management-based personnel system that leverages the knowledge, skills, behaviors,

and preferences of its officers and noncommissioned officers. This system, when coupled with more flexible

career models, will enable the Army to better attract, identify, develop, and place these leaders to optimize

outcomes for all.… 


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