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UC Contribution of Failure of Agile in Non Collocated Teams Discussion


Examining COVID-19 Pandemic Effect in Non-Collocated Software development Teams 

Utilizing A New Agile Process Collocated Software Development Methodologies.

Methodology: Agile software development 

Introduction :

One of the main principle of Agile is collocation of team members (Crunk, 2018). The digital 

area requires the implementation of new ways of working. In the wake of the COVID 19 

pandemic, organizations have adopted a remote working strategy to mitigate the rate of infection 

and spread.Today’s, many companies have adapted Agile methodology with their team 

distributed in various area to cope with COVID-19 pandemic. 


Agile believes that for work to be effective and members to coordinate, face-to-face interactions 

are critical. Individuals are always able to exchange ideas and opinions easily via one on one 

interaction rather than phone calls, skype, or texts. This is a notion that COVID-19 changed 

completely (Keita, 2021). Despite Agile method has gained a huge popularity among software 

development team due to its impact on software projects. However, there is several IT projects 

seems to fail despite the implementation of the New Agile process for Distributed Projects 


Research aims:

  • To identify and critically review the success and failure factors behind the implementation of Agile methodology in non-collocated team.
  • To study and understand the attributes of the New Agile Process for Distributed: Communication, Flexibility, and Understanding.
  • The research question is: 
  • What are non-collocated development team facing when adapting a new Agile process for distributed during COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Theory:

suggests to help improve or mitigate the issue of agile in non-c0llocated is The Self-efficacy Theory, the researcher become interested in how this theory would apply given the disparities mentioned in the literature of the introduction of non-collocated recourses into the teams that software development, using Agile as a methodology. 

This theory you can mention/blend it when reach critique and summary sections 


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