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UCD Communications Learnt Concepts to Black Panther Question

In this assignment, you will be applying concepts we have been talking about in class to see how they would play in real-life interactions.

Of the list posted under the class files please pick one movie OR one TV series (You have 47 movies and 10 TV series to choose from – to choose a series you have to have watched the whole thing so only chose it if you have happen to be a fan of the series). Watch the chosen movie and think of which concepts we have discussed in class are clearly visible in the movie.

Pick FIVE different concepts (do NOT pick five aspects of the same concept, for example Grice principle only count as one concept not as four if you mention all of them; Pick different concepts relating to different areas of verbal and non-verbal communication and language, if you are not sure what I mean, just pick one concept from each chapter to avoid overlap) and analyze them, by describing the situation or situations in the movie you are referring to, and explaining how they are visible the behaviors, attitude and/or thoughts of the protagonists.

Please DO NOT waste time describing the movies; I have seen all the movies on this list enough times to know which scene you are referring to if you describe a scene briefly. The entire paper is about applying concepts we learned in class and demonstrating your analysis and understanding of them in real-life situations.  

When you are analyzing a particular scene, please do not say vague things like (a lot of non-verbal communication is present, but instead tell me what non-verbal communication codes are present and when they are visible) 

Do your best to try to both describe and ANALYZE the language constructs, theories and examples present in these movies; was is culturally related? Did gender play a role in that scene? How about power differential? Culture? Stereotyping? Grounding? Perspective taking? How did the director do it? What did it mean? Go beyond description. 

For each of the concepts use AT LEAST one source beyond your book and cite it both in text and in references. (That means that you need 10 reference items)


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