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UCF Importance of Three Visuals Statistics Essay


To complete this exercise, you must first

1. Review the document linked here and read through the multiple data visualizations. (Links to an external site.)

2. Choose 3 of these that you think are interesting and that you think could be combined to help make a single compelling argument. 

3. Once you have selected your three visuals, I want you to practice writing about each one. Name the visual (it should either have a title or a figure number for you to refer to), describe its main point/argument, explain why that data should be important to your audience.

4. Finally, I want you to write how you see each visual as related to, supporting, or conflicting with one another–depending on the argument you want to make. 

To “storyboard” is to visually plan how you will integrate graphics into the argument of your report. This will be the last stage just like if you were planning the layout of a magazine or other print publication. To do this, simply copy/paste the visuals you chose into your own document. Resize as necessary but try to keep everything readable. Can you find a way to combine the text you wrote with the images on 1 page front and back? 

Step 1

  • Name, describe, and explain the importance of three visuals from this document: 
  • Describe the relationships between these three visuals and the kind of argument you can make with them

Step 2

  • Copy/paste the visuals you want from the document into your own file
  • Put the visuals in the order that best makes your point
  • Integrate the text you wrote with your graphics to create a draft layout (or storyboard) of a visual report 

This exercise features the same process you should use for Project 2. After you select your data set and pick the data points you want to visualize, its time to write descriptions of your own visualizations (as well as their relationships) and then plot them out on a page to see how it looks. 


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