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UCLA Field Exercise Writing Activity

The fieldexerciseis awriting activitydesigned to help you reflect onthe relationship between a course theme, theoretical tool, or concept with any sportof yourchoiceand/orathletic performanceor event. Participation in the sportor physical, motion-based activityis encouraged but not required. Observations or listening are central to completing the assignment successfully. What To Do•Select a safe site where you feel comfortable observing, listening,and/or participating in a sport or physical, motion-based activity. Consider bringing a piece of paper, notebook and pencil or pen rather than a phone, tablet, or laptop.•When deciding on the site, ask yourselfifit connects to course themes. That is, is it a public space or private site? Are there restrictions for observationor listening?Is yourpresence welcome or a potential liability or nuisance?In other words, make sure the site is safe.•Try to focus on observing, listening, and/or participating in something that brings you joy and helps you rejuvenate yourmind, body, andathleticspirit.•This joyous, athletic, or performance-based activity might include going for a run,playing table tennis with a friendin a park, riding a motorcycle,sports domainhoopsat a publicor private court,riding a bike, doing yoga, stretching ina studio, kickinga ball across a field, meditatingat a pool, streaming a sport show or athletic event online, watching a sport-centered movie or documentary, walking along a trail, going to the beach, jogging in a forest, sprinting on a track, swimmingin the ocean, or gaming online. The choice is really yours. •Jot down(or type) notes for at least 10 minutes. Create connections between what you observe, hear, or experience with what you have learned so far in this class. Youwill usethese notes to writeyour reflection. Drawing from your notes, write a 350-to 500-wordreflectionin paragraph form. In the reflection, discusshowthe activity you are observingand/or participatinginconnects with the course. You are freeto reflect and respond based on your own experience, but you might want to consider responding to one or more of the following questions: •How was that observational and/or participatory experience? Fun and invigorating or stressful and frantic? What did you think aboutas the athletic activity/sporttook place?Did the experience rejuvenate you?If so, how?•How might you includesport observation and/or athletic participation as your adult life unfolds? What did you learn about yourself by making yourself take time to observe and/or participate in an athletic, sport, performance activity? 


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