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UCLA Music Industry and Intangible Asset No 82 Discussion

Respond to each question group with a paragraph. Use complete sentences and revise your work carefully.

  • 1st paragraph: Explain both the apps and the methods that you use to listen to and find music. Rather than just list the apps, explain how you use them to find music. For example, do you get suggestions from software, based on your previous choices? Search tracks based on input from friends? Search by genre, by playlists? Follow what appears on your social media feed? In other words, what choices determine the music you typically hear?
  • 2nd paragraph: How do you think that these ways of encountering music you just described affect the kinds of music that you are exposed to? Are there types of music you’re aware you would enjoy, but don’t usually encounter because they don’t appear through your normal ways of finding music?
  • 3rd paragraph: This week’s readings and film on the music industry described a range of different fears that people have about changes in the popular music business. As summarized at the end of the instructor’s lecture, explain whether you share any of those worries or not, and why. Do you feel like there is anything you would like to change about your own habits, and if so, what?.


This assignment is based on the assigned film “Intangible Asset No. 82.” After watching the film, write a response of roughly 2-3 paragraphs that addresses the following questions:

  • Towards the end of the film, Barker reflects on the healing ritual that he witnessed for Kim Seok-Chul, and describes how he (Barker) gained a different perspective on the music after that experience. In your own words, how do you think that Barker was transformed by that experience of witnessing the healing ritual, and what questions did it raise for him? What is your own reaction to that scene in the film?
  • Drawing on this and other examples from the film, share your own reflections on what this film tells us about the potential of music for increasing cultural understanding. Can music help us better understand cultural differences? What can we learn about this process (understanding cultural difference) from the story told in this film?


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