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UCLA The Struggles of War as Portrayed by Homer Question

Hello, this assignment is 2000-2500 word or 4 to 5 pages double spaced about the Odyssey written by Homer. I will provide a translated Odyssey text that will help you derive quotes & help understand the story to complete the paper. Please feel free to use and list outside sources if that helps you understand the story of Odyssey & author Homers writtings I also will provide very specific instruction from my professor to help complete this assignment. Please put for full effort, because this is a very important assignment for an upper division university class. Thank you very much.

“Epic Heroes, Classic Texts”

Paper #1

Due Monday, May 3rd, 2021


Your paper should be about 4-5 pages long (or about 2000-2500 words), double spaced. Secondary sources (ones provided or from the internet) need to be clearly acknowledged and listed in a bibliography section in MLA format at the end of the paper. Quotations from Homer’s epics should be in verse form, or using slashes. References to Homer should indicate book and line number, in addition to page number. References to modern writers should be given in full. Please remember to respect verse form when quoting a poem.

Remember to give a title to your paper (this is very important!)

The title should be a reflection of your thesis.

Your paper should have a thesis that is well constructed, coherently argued, and supported by proof (i.e., specific quotations from the text, chosen appropriately and analyzed convincingly).


The beauty of war

Writing in Lesbos not long after Homer, the female poet Sappho famously wrote these lines, claiming the superior beauty of lyric poetry over epic:

“Some say a host of horsemen, others of infantry, and others

of ships, is the most beautiful thing on the dark earth.

But I say, it is what you love.”

Epic poetry, it is often said, glorifies war and the virtues and values of the warrior class. Reflect upon the aestheticization (the act of making something visually pleasing, particularly art) of war, in Homer and in contemporary texts that engage with Homer.


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