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UCSB Students and Destin Daniel Cretton Discussion

For this assignment you’ll be attending an event on campus and reflecting on your experience. We have curated a significant list of activities/events for you to attend. They can all be found on the course calendar. Please select one of these events or contact a member of the teaching team to request approval for another event. Be sure to read these instructions carefully before attending the event!

Write in the genre of Reflective Writing. What’s that? Reflective writing is evidence of reflective thinking. In an academic context, reflective thinking usually involves:

  1. Looking back at something (the event/activity/workshop) you attended;
  2. Analyzing the event or idea (thinking in depth and from different perspectives, and trying to explain) and; 
  3. Thinking carefully about what the event or idea means for you and your ongoing progress as a learner.
  • Avoid summarizing the activity that you attended or simply asserting that you learned something from it without any reflection.      
  • Make clear connections to Education 118. Focus on a salient moment that you have identified from any field notes that you have written while participating in your experiential activity. In addition, it should include your interpretation of that activity in relation to you as a transfer-student at UCSB and/or the readings and lectures introduced in ED 118.

It will be easiest to complete this reflection if you paste these prompts into the text block provided or into whatever software you prefer and respond. 

1. Provide a VERY brief summary of the event. Save your word count for the reflection. You will lose points if you spend too many words on the summary.

2. Analyze the event, an idea from the event, the topic of the event — choose something good to focus on.

3. Describe how the event affected you. This is where you can make connections to your life, your coursework, your transfer experience.

4. Give the event hosts feedback about the event. It can be positive or negative


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