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UCSD Zebrafish as A Model Organism Influence Current Commercial and Medical Fields Paper

I’m working in a lab during the summer. Specifically, the postdoc I work with investigates in the genetic mechanism of JAGGED1 mutations in Alagille Syndrome; the role of Jagged1 in the development and function of the liver, heart, and vasculature. Basically, I’m responsible for zebrafish maintenance in the lab, as zebrafish is used as a model in our lab. Additionally, I will also be responsible for genotyping the zebrafish, which I will be able to practice my skill of agarose gel electrophoresis, PCR,antibody staining, and so on. I will need help to come up with a research topic and a 10 page research paper relating to my internship.

I’m thinking to write about (In what ways are zebrafish as a model organism influencing current commercial and medical fields?) But the research paper should focus on biochemistry and my internship work.

Internship Description

  • Assists teams and core staff with all aspects of laboratory projects and experiments using standard laboratory techniques under the supervision
    • Assist with autoclaving, media/buffer preparations, stocking and maintenance of inventory/supplies, and other related duties and tasks, as required
    • Assist with perform Zebrafish maintenance duties, such as feeding, cleaning, and genotyping
  • Learning Objective Information #1Get involved in biochemical researches.
    I will get involved in the research of Dong’s lab, which is on human genetics. I will be able to read their articles and contribute to their researches.Learning Objective Information #2Attain biochemistry related lab skillsIn the lab, I will do genotyping of fish, which allows me to practice PCR and Agarose gel electrophoresis. I will also get involved in other lab aspects of biochemistry in the lab.Learning Objective Information #3Attain skills in performing laboratory procedures.
    I will be able to use the lab equipment in the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical institution to perform laboratory procedures. My job supervisor will help and instruct me about the lab procedures.
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