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UCSD Zinc For Immunity Against COVID19 Discussion

EX 10: Identify the three or four written works that you would like to be the primary conversants for your paper.

EX 12: Identify a primary and a secondary target journal.

Copy the first page of several articles from each journal that interests you. Discuss the logic of your choices with others, using the first pages as evidence.

EX 13: Describe what you hope to accomplish in your writing project in at least three different ways. Settle on one succinct description. Seek advice about this objective from advisers and

your writing community.

EX 14: Identify four or five exemplars of the kind of paper you want to write. If necessary, seek advice about the fit between these exemplars and your project, then settle on a final group of two or three works.

Ex 15: Outline in detail each exemplar in your final set, noting the proportion of the text devoted to each topic. Also make notes about the “tone” used in your exemplar. Draw conclusions about the tacit rules for this kind of contribution to scholarly conversation.

EX 16: Identify the aspects of each exemplar that are particularly effective as well as any that are ineffective in communicating the author’s purpose.

EX 17: Come up with at least three titles for your work. Under each, write at least two things in favor of using the title and two things that make it less suitable as the most salient representative of your work. Discuss this list with others. Then, decide on the working title of your paper.

EX 18: Even if your intended outlet does not require it, identify three to five key words that convey the most important topics of your paper.

EX 19: Write an abstract of no more than 150 words for your paper.

EX 22: Draft the introduction to your paper. Critique it yourself, then ask others for their advice.

EX 23: Before you finish your analysis and writing, draft the conclusion of your paper, going beyond what you are sure of to experiment with the most assertive statement of the paper’s benefits that you can make.


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