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UCW Food Chain Research Analysis

McDonald’s has come to epitomize the ‘fast-food” industry. When the company started in the
1950s it was the first to establish itself in the market. Now there are hundreds of ‘fast-food’
brands in the market competing in different ways. Some of the differences between these fastfood chains are obvious. For example. Some specialise in chicken products, others in pizza, and
so on. However, some differences are less obvious. Select one established fast-food chain (e.g.,
Subway, A&W, Burge King, Chipotle, Tim Hortons) and describe how the company has developed
its key performance objectives and operations to distinguish its products and services from its
competitors in today’s business environment.


For this assignment, you should conduct research to deduce what you believe to be the most
important performance objectives to the selected company and how the company has
maintained its competitive edges from operations management perspectives. You should visit
one of their outlets to observe the operation there or even collect operation related data to
support your analysis and findings.

In general, the report should cover:

1. An introductory on the company or case

2. Description of the company’s key performance objectives and how the company has
developed and maintained the objectives from operations management perspective.

3. Description of the operational characteristics of the outlet you have visited and how they are
related to the key performance objectives.

4. Conclusion: You can research the topic through reading commercial publications and/or peer-reviewed
articles, preferably highly regarded industry sources, e.g., Harvard Business Review, McKinsey,


To write the report you will need to cover at least the following:

1. Your report must adhere to APA formatting.

2. Other than APA formatting, the structure for the paper is not fixed, if there is a logical flow
of ideas. 3.

The length of the paper is not an issue, but preferably in range of 12 to 15 pages.


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