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UM Ethical Issue from The News Questions

Read the readings about Mill and Singer in the book and answer the questions accordingly. The citing sources are attached.

For the required quote, use the original assigned Mill reading, not the editor’s introduction in our course text, the course videos/notes, or any other source. The original Mill reading starts on the page of Chapter 9 that reads “A passing remark is all that needs…” The questions do not require a direct quote from Singer, but his reading can be found in Chapter 25 of the course text.

Choose a debated ethical issue from the news and describe what you think utilitarianism would say is the morally right thing to do. Identify two or more potential actions that could be taken and the different pleasures and pains associated with each that would form part of a utilitarian calculation. Explain which action you think utilitarianism would recommend and why.

One objection to utilitarianism is that it too difficult to calculate the consequences of potential actions. Mill (1863/2010) discusses this objection in a long paragraph that begins on p. 246 “Again, defenders of utility often find themselves called upon to reply to such objections as this…” Summarize the objection as well as Mill’s response to it. Give two direct quotations from Mill as part of your answer, using quotation marks and the in-text citation (Mill, 1863/2010, ch. II, para. ___).

Explain Peter Singer’s main argument for an obligation to assist people in absolute poverty. Singer believes that utilitarianism is quite demanding and that the theory requires most rich and middle class people in countries like the United State to give large donations to the most effective charities addressing global poverty. Do you think Singer is right about what utilitarianism requires? And do his views makes utilitarianism more or less plausible to you, and why? 


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