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UM Kenneth Goldsmith Essay Go Ahead Waste Time on The Internet Discussion

In this writing assignment, you’ll gain additional practice writing an enthymeme as well as responding in a particular way to Kenneth Goldsmith’s essay “Go Ahead: Waste Time on the Internet.”

First, Read They Say / I Say Chapters 4 and 5 (see attached file) . While you may find it helpful to review the exercises at the end of each chapter, those are not required for this assignment. These chapters review useful templates for integrating sources into your paper to help your writing be more engaging for your own audience.

Second, using the the templates you read about in Chapters 4 and 5 of They Say / I Say (see attached file), as well as those you practiced during Week 2, please compose 2 paragraphs (of 6-8 sentences each). 

1) First, using the templates for “agreeing-but with a difference” (p. 59-60) as well as any other useful templates you encounter in Chapters 4 and 5, write a paragraph that explains which ideas in Goldsmith’s essay you agree with and why you agree with those ideas. As you’re agreeing, be sure to bring something new and fresh to the discussion by building on the authors’ ideas with your own. Suggestion: Imagine that you are explaining these ideas to a friend that has not read this essay.

2) Second, using the templates for “disagreeing- and explaining why” (p. 56-58) as well as any other useful templates you encounter in Chapters 4 and 5, write a paragraph that explains which ideas or arguments in the essay you disagree with and the reason or reasons why you disagree with those ideas or arguments. Hint: Consider how the author would feel about your objections and try to anticipate their response.

3) Finally, put yourself in Goldsmith’s shoes.  This week, write out what you believe Goldsmith’s argument is in the form of an enthymeme (see below highlight format). In essence, you’ll write one sentence that captures, as best you can, Goldsmith’s claim. It should be in this form:

Assertion 1 (claim) because Assertion 2 (primary or guiding reason that supports Assertion 1)


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