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UML History Events Seen from Different Perspectives Discussion

5 pages with double space, Time New Roman 12

TAKEAWAYS: What we are looking for here are takeaways. Which parts of the class will stay with you and why? Which ideas or topics in the class did you find the most thought provoking and why?

CHANGE: You should also reflect upon how you believe you have grown, changed your understanding, or otherwise advanced your education through the work you did in this class. What do you know/think/believe now that you did not know/think/believe before engaging with the materials of this class.

LEARNING STYLE: Which types of materials/exercises did you find the most engaging? Do you learn better through text, video, audio, visual, performing (Carnegie v. Parsons Debate), textile (sugar cane), or some other form? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a learner? How can you improve on your weaknesses and play to your strengths as you continue your education at future classes?

EFFORT: How hard did you REALLY try in this class. Did you slack off, skip readings, skip class when you could have done otherwise? Why did you make those choices and would you make them again.

ARGUMENT: You are writing a justification for your own overall grade for the class. As such you should provide evidence to support it. Remember, you section leader can reduce the grade for this assignment at their discretion. Failing to provide evidence to justify your grade is likely to trigger that discretion. As such, “I deserve an A- because I’m the best” will not fly. “I deserve an A- because I read all the assigned readings, attended every class session except for the one that I missed because of a family emergency, and did all the reading responses except for the ones around Thanksgiving because I was thinking about turkey and collard greens” is much better. Be brutally honest with yourself and act with integrity. You know if you gave your best effort or not. Think about where you did well and where you did not.

SUGGESTIONS: Please offer any suggestions you have for the class going forward. Did you love or hate using Twitter? Were lectures too fast/too slow/too easy/too hard? What changes would you suggest for future versions of this class that would make it better for students. Are there any readings or material that you loved or hated?


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