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UN Healing Psychologically Process & Wrong Decisions in Life Essay

This forum is an opportunity for students to share work and give each other feedback for their writing (or pictures). All of you have written effectively, in a way that could generate meaningful feedback.

This forum is officially worth 25 points, but you can get up to 30 points if you do extra responses and give fellow students a lot of great feedback. You can earn a maximum of ten points for sharing your own work, if you remember to include a note that is meaningful, and you can get up to five points each time you give helpful feedback to another student.

Please feel free to share any essay you have written so far. Please share one whole essay.

When you share a sample of your writing, please give your post a descriptive title such as “River Valleys (Essays and Reflections I)” or “Reflections on Primary Sources (Essays and Reflections II)”. Please include a brief note to give the reader some idea of why you chose this particular sample. For example, you may want to say how this sample reflects your growth, or you might note what kind of feedback you are hoping to generate.

I am also giving you the option of sharing your work as a reply to another person, if you think it would be fun to share perspectives on the same essay. If you do that, please note how you think your work is similar and also how it could be different.

When you give feedback to other students, please address the student by name and tell them what you found especially meaningful in their work. It helps to be specific about what you see that makes their writing effective. Feel free to share one or two suggestions that could be helpful for the future. You may also want to share your own perspective on the topic.


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