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University of Alabama at Birmingham Scientist Spotlight Blake Downing Discussion

250-word response to the assignment

What was most interesting to you in reviewing these resources?

What did you learn from these resources about bacterial metabolism?

  1. What new questions do you have after reviewing these resources?

What do these resources tell you about the types of people that do science?


Out of these resources provided, in my opinion, the article that talks about grief while attending college was the best one that attracted my interest. I like how it spoke about an “Unpopular topic” of struggling mentally while attending classes and meeting mandatory deadlines. This is a topic not many people are willing to converse about with one another. Something that I learned over these bacterial metabolism organisms is that they can live in harsh conditions, no matter, the temperature. It is crazy to think if that’s why aliens are built from this bacterium and bring up whether if that’s how aliens can survive through harsh environments like the stereotype displays. After reviewing these resources, I have three questions: (1) why study extremophiles for a lifetime? People are really dedicating their lives to find signs of living elsewhere by looking for organisms. My second question is, other than not having carbon, (2) what kills or halts the existence of organisms? In other words, what eliminates the bacteria if they’re adaptable to harsh environments. Lastly, if we know the variables that help exist these organisms, (3) why don’t we duplicate the resources where they don’t and imitate the environment? And then see what can be a substitute close to where they don’t exist on other planets? Moreover, with resources demonstrated, this assignment shows the interest that earths simple beginnings of living, fascinates scientist’s time to find out more and more and learn the way planet earth has been able to maintain the way it has with metabolic cycles and not fade like close by planets that don’t show sign of living environments.


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