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University of Bridgeport Social Psychology Paper

Paper #1 – covering chapters 2, 3, and 4 (pick 2 out of the 3 chapters to read and write your paper on) from the “Revisiting the Classic Studies” book.

From the Course Syllabus :

“Three times through the term, along with the readings in the textbook, there will be two chapters assigned from the secondary text “Social Psychology: Revisiting the Classics, 2nd edition”. This paper needs to be a minimum of 3 pages and maximum of 5 pages, double spaced, times new roman 12 point font with 1 inch margins (title page and references do not count toward page length totals). 

For this paper, you will need to address the following 

1) Discuss what you found most interesting in each of the chapters you read from “Social Psychology: Revisiting the Classics.” 

2) How do you feel these chapters relate to one or more theories we have discussed in the course, and why? Each chapter may have its own theory you discuss, or one that connects both chapters (with explanation of “why” for each) 

3) Which chapter/experiment do you feel has had a bigger impact on the field of social psychology OR our society as a whole? Explain why you feel this way. 

4) What issues/concerns/ criticism did you have with the ideas presented in that chapters (ex: poor study design for one or both? Why? Not generalizable to the full population? Why? Borderline unethical? Why? etc) or, how do you feel you could extend the study idea into a new domain (Example; does the Milgram study change how you feel about a theory from child psych – how so?). 

5) In your opinion, can individuals avoid or overcome unwanted persuasions? How? If you were asked to design a training seminar to teach individuals how to avoid unwanted persuasion, what details would you take into consideration and why?

could you write a three paragraph response to this

The first video discussed a simple way that someone can be influenced without knowing it by priming. Priming occurs when you are exposed to something that alters the way that you behave or the way that you think. An example of a way that I have been influenced and wasn’t aware of it is when I went to the mall and all through the mall, I can smell freshly baked pretzel bites. The fresh smell of something that I love influenced me to buy some. The fresh-baked smell was the stimulus that influenced my behavior.

2. The second video described 12 cognitive biases. Out of the 12, the one that I feel has the biggest impact on social behavior is the bandwagon effect. According to the video, the bandwagon effect is “when people do or believe in something not because they actually do believe it but because that’s what the rest of the world believes in” (Practical Psychology, 00:2:23 – 00:2:28). I feel that people are influenced by the bandwagon effect because of social pressure. The bandwagon effect could be either positive or negative. A positive example of the bandwagon effect is joining TikTok because that’s what everyone else is doing. A negative example of the bandwagon effect would be to start smoking cigarettes because everyone in your social group smokes.

3. According to the article, Self-Efficacy and Locus of Control: Definition and Meaning, “Self-efficacy is the belief that you can produce a result you want in a specific area. It is related to locus of control, which is how much control you feel like you have over a situation. People with high self-efficacy for a task will most likely have an internal locus of control for success in that task” (Boyd, 2021). The perspective of internal and external locus of control affects an individual’s self-efficacy by influencing the outcomes through their own efforts and actions. An example of this would be wanting to change your job. You would take initiative to apply to several jobs and trust in your abilities. You would believe that because of your initiative, you have some control over the outcome.


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