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University of California Berkeley Sexual Orientations Discussion

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Your first three Process Posts focused on locating and analyzing images that relate to your primary source. Now that you have submitted your Annotated Bibliography, you are ready to extend your analytical skills and to expand your collection of images by considering images that relate to your secondary sources.

Assignment Purpose

The purposes of Process Post 4 are for you to:

Reflect on your chosen research topic and how it has evolved this semester

Consider how your secondary sources can enrich your analysis

Consider how your Symposium presentation could engage a public audience

Assignment Instructions

1. Post and properly cite five images that relate to your work with secondary sources.

These images could reflect the topic you are writing about in general or the ways that your secondary materials are getting you to think differently about your primary sources. For example, let’s return to a primary source that is a Pepsi commercial depicting young women and men drinking Pepsi and playing volleyball on a beach. You might have found a secondary source that is a scholarly article about how the use of young, attractive actors in American television produces impossible, problematic standards of beauty. Images that might be suggested by this secondary source would be a man lifting weights in a commercial advertising protein supplements or a panorama of a crowded makeup counter.

2. Write a short description (200-300 words) of how your work with secondary sources is progressing and adding to or changing your ideas about the primary source. Again, keep in mind that your audience includes those outside of the class who may not be familiar with the terminology of the ARP or The Writer’s Companion. You might want to consider the following questions, although you don’t need to respond to all of them:

What have I learned from my research so far? What is interesting, relevant, or surprising in the secondary source reading I’ve done?

Which secondary sources seem particularly important to my analysis? How are these authors’ ideas similar to or different from my initial ideas?

How are my ideas about the primary source changing or evolving?

How do the images I’ve chosen relate to my work with primary or secondary sources? Why did I pick these particular images?


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