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University of California Berkeley Strigoi Folk Tale Discussion


If the Grimms had only had the power of the internet, their collecting work may have been completed in a chatroom, Reddit-board, or perhaps even here. This week, there will be two parts to your assignment – the first is to collect a tale from someone you know (could be a friend, colleague, grandmother, etc.) and as they tell their story (a tale from work, fairy tale, ghost story, etc.), As you listen just jot down the basic notes or outline of the story. Then reconstruct the tale into what you consider to be the Grimm fairy tale form (add or subtract elements as you please), you can tell your story in video or written format (no more than a page).

What to do: Review the instructions for this week’s assignment.


Listen to a story. Jot Notes. Construct/Tell Story. (No more than one page)

After the deadline, Carmen will assign you three posts for you to comment on with positive feedback.

Before you post: Think about what elements could make the story a Grimm-style tale? Is there magic involved, how is it explained? Be sure to include those elements in your story.


Consider the questions under what to include

Compose a text or record a video Upload to Youtube

Upload your text, or provide the link to your Youtube introduction

After the due date passes, you will be automatically assigned 3 peer reviews

Review the introductions you are assigned and provide positive feedback (These are due the Friday after the assignment deadline)

You can find the peer reviews as links under the initial assignment (It looks like you will need to be on a computer to access these, if you find a way to access them on an Ipad, please let me know).

What to Include

A written text or recorded video telling of a tale no longer than one page – with source provided (where did the tale originate?).

Consider the elements that make up the Grimm style and include those.

Consider the process of collecting authentic ‘folk’ tales and what thoughts go into their editing into a collection.

Academic Integrity

Getting help on the assignment [is] permitted.

Copying or reusing previous work [is] permitted.

Open-book research for the assignment [is] permitted and encouraged.


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