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University of California Irvine Capitalism Economic and Political System Discussion

Can capitalism be made environmentally friendly? Why or why not? Explain your position (it doesn’t have to be the same as mine from lecture!).


Describe the social organization of connivence and how it leads to presentient environmental problems. Give an example ( that is NOT electric cars! I’ve already done that one!)

Please make sure to go beyond one-word answers and show us what you know.

Please remember to respond to someone else’s post as well. Be thoughtful! One- or two-word comments will not help your grade.

350-400 words.

Then reply to this students response.

Capitalism can be environmentally friendly but such a state is years from existence because the current risk to reward ratio for participation in the market outweighs that of a eco-capitalist state. Most citizens understand the environmental troubles that arise from their fast consumption models but they tend to shift the blame to the manufacturers or the nations state who house these manufacturers for not doing enough to prevent them from polluting the environment. However, it is precisely because of consumerism and the profits promised for servicing such demand that environmentally degrading practices continue to be used. The environmental damage would need to be reflected against those who participate in the demise of the environment to make them realize how much damage is truly being done.

An increase in regulation would be necessary otherwise, companies could not be held accountable for their actions. Regulation does not make the current economic system any less capitalist, in fact, government is necessary for such undertaking. When a nation begins to industrialize, there is heavy involvement from the federal government to subsidize, and create an easy path towards industrialization. The same concept applies here, where a failure of the markets must be administered by the government in order to ensure its success.

An example of a response should be like this, from another student.

Hi Manilo!

I completely agree with all of your points! I like how you brought up the issue of consumerism and its correlation toward environmental degradation. Consumerism is extremely toxic and damaging to the environment because of the high demand of products, which results in more environmental issues. Moreover, I agree that there should be an increase in regulation because that would force corporations to be held accountable for their actions toward the environment. Overall, great job on this!


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