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University of California Irvine Keeping Pace with Changing Consumer Preferences Paper

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I found Professor Olson’s analysis about walls very interesting! He had a strong point about walls not being physically very effective but morse so as a symbol. Building off of that, I believe it also perpetuates a mentality of inequality. In nearly every example I could think of with walls being built that he discussed, it was for the purpose of separating two different people and preventing one from intermingling with another. Consequently, this inherently implies that one is better than the other (at least according to the people’s mindsets). This was certainly reflected in American with the proposed border wall with Mexico. Many people did not want to have migrants entering the US because they had negative opinions on them and what they would do in the US. According to those who held these beliefs, that would imply that they are inferior, creating a social hierarchal structure among those with this mindset. This is certainly reflected in several other ways in our world as well, such as through socioeconomic boundaries and cultural stereotypes. It is honestly difficult to determine which of them all came first or if they all started around the same time and strengthened one another. No matter the case, these mindsets of superiority and inferiority need to end since they have cause infinite problems throughout history (ex. colonization, slavery, imperialism, etc.). In reality we should just recognize each other’s ways as different but valuable (as long as they do not impede on one another’s rights).

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In this week’s lecture we learned that institutional structures transform corporate interests over time by making changes to (1) the regulatory environment, (2) economic dynamics in an organizational field, (3) competitors’ calculations, and (4) consumer preferences. Give an example of this process referencing at least ONE of the changes described above.

Once done I will send you 2 students respones so that you can respond to them giving feedback.


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