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University of California Irvine Pablo Neruda Poetry Discussion

You don’t need a big intro or conclusion, it’s not an formal ‘ essay ‘– try to focus on analyzing 6 poems — page by page — ‘Paper/Assignment Two’ – for example, intro: you’re going to tell me that you’re going to analyze 6 of neruda’s poems, basically like a page per poem, where you discuss the meaning or the poem, the message, the symbolism, but also the structure, tone, etc.. your understanding, connect it to his life, his country, history, colonialism, latin-america, indigineous rights, soul, tyranny, love, time/space, etc ..—

I’m pretty flexible with the format —

In a 5-6 page paper, please analyze some of Pablo Neruda’s poetry. You should use about 6 poems or so to show me that you have studied his work. For example, take one of his love poems, one of his political ones, or one about indigenous people in his country, one show his love of the ocean, nature, poems that are very existential that you could examine. I’d like to see you write about the structure, or lack thereof, free-verse, tone, rhyming, symbolism, etc.. I want you to look at it structurally, number of stanzas, etc.., but more importantly, analyze the poems, try to find the meaning, or the message or the feeling you get after you’ve read the poems — again, it might take you once or twice to get the real feel of the poem. You are showing me that you can talk about the ‘body’ of Neruda’s work. For example, the ones we discussed, like ‘The United Fruit Company’ The Heights of Machuu Pichuu, The Ocean, The People, Tonight I Write the Saddest Verses, etc.. Through his use of imagery, especially nature imagery, and symbolism, Pablo Neruda intertwines universal themes like love, patriotism, nature, existence. etc..

Neruda has written surrealist poems, historical epics, overtly political manifestos, a prose autobiography, and passionate love poems.

His poetry gave a voice to a population that felt ignored by their government and by the upper classes. The poems gave courage and pride to the struggling working class. Chilean workers memorized his works by heart and gathered to hear their poet recite his writing.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 “for a poetry that with the action of an elemental force brings alive a continent’s destiny and dreams.”

In 5-6 pages, please examine, discuss and analyze some of his poetry –


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