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University of California Irvine The Dream of the Red Chamber Essay

1.In chapter 3 and chapter 6, both Lin Daiyu and Grannie Liu (Liu laolao) enter the Jia family compound for the first time, serving as a “tour guide” to introduce the reader to the Jia family. Then in chapter 17, Jia Baoyu enters the Garden (Daguan yuan) for the first time, once again, introduces the reader to the future “residences” where he and his female cousins will move into. Discuss what is respectively achieved in these three different introductory tours thanks to our tour guides’ different positions and unique perspectives.

2.One important characterization strategy the author employs to present his characters in the novel is “parallel/juxtaposition/contrast.” Take as a specific example chapter 21 “Righteous Aroma discovers how to rebuke master by saying nothing/And artful Patience is able to rescue hers by being somewhat less than truthful” 贤袭人娇嗔箴宝玉 俏平儿软语救贾琏 to demonstrate how effectively such a strategy is being deployed in the novel. Please note that the characters being compared/contrasted in this chatper are not limited to Xiren (Aroma) and Ping’er (Patience).

3.Describe the roles played by “overhearing“ in the development of the relationship between Jia Baoyu and Lin daiyu (as demonstrated in chapter 32). Imagine what would have been Lin Daiyu’s response if Baoyu had directly said to her what he said to Xiren and Shi Xiangyun. Please discuss the implications of this act of “overhearing” in the context of the “communication problems” and “lack of adequate language of love” that have plagued their courtship in the previous chapters.

4.n chapter 7, we are told that Baochai suffers from “a congenital tendency to overheatedness “ (热毒) and the only medicine that can be used to control it is called “cold fragrance pills” ( 冷香丸) . Then in chapter 8, the pills are mentioned again. This is also the chapter where Baochai deliberately has her maid mention her necklace (金锁), thus enabling the theory of the “marriage of gold and jade” (金玉良缘) to gain currency. Please discuss the symbolic implications of Baochai’s illness and the medicine used to control it in terms of a better understanding of the complexities of this character. You may also want to use examples from chapters 27, 34, 36 or any other chapters that you think are illustrative of such symbolic implications


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