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University of California Los Angeles Blue Jasmine Relationship Dynamics Film Analysis

Watch a film. Choose a film that has some “meat” to it. You want to choose a film that shows some in depth relationship dynamics. Some examples are Crash, the Farewell, Yesterday, Notting Hill, Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, Sideways. Please note that some of these movies are rated R and not NSFW (and in front of children) so carefully choose for yourself. 

Watch the film with a critical eye.  Think of the concepts that we have learned in class.  Draw upon the knowledge from our modules, the textbook, and our discussions.  Complete the 4 questions. 

Each question should be answered with a paragraph of at least 6 sentences. There should not be any one-sentence answers.  Your answers may be more than one paragraph. each answer should be at least 400 words. There is a lot to unpack in each prompt.

1) What was the role of the perception process for the characters in the movie? In other words, why are they seeing the situation in the way that they are? What are the elements of the perception process? Remember-selection-organization-interpretation. What impacts this process?

2) How did the filmmaker use nonverbal communication to establish the mood of the film? For example, how did the soundtrack contribute to the message of the movie? What kind of lighting did the director use to establish the message of the movie? How did the actors use nonverbal communication (touch, personal space, paralanguage, etc) 

3) What character did you have empathy for or identify with and why?

4) Identify three concepts from the reading or discussion as they appear in the film. 1) Define and describe the concept and 2) explain how a particular scene or theme in the movie illustrated that concept. 

Three concepts




Answer the prompts. Remember to have a fully developed paragraph for your answers. 



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