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University of California Los Angeles Content Consumption Analysis

The purpose of the content consumption analysis is for you to increase your familiarity with the various kinds of content produced and distributed by public media.

You will need to pick a specific program (listed below) and listen or watch the episodes listed, and then write a paper that answers the following questions:

1 – What is the name of the content?

2 – Provide some background history on it, and explain what the purpose of the content is?

3 – What is the episode about?

4- Who produces the show?

5 – How is it distributed to audiences?

6 – Who do you think the target audience is?

7 – Explain the ways in which you think it offers (or not) something different from the commercial media market.

8 – Explain how you think it enhances the mission of public media.

Upload your paper though the submit assignment button.

The paper should be between 4-6 pages, double spaced. Please include any sources you cite as either footnotes or as references at the end of the paper. If you include references at the end, these should not count in the total page count for your answers.

Suggested content for review – pick one for your paper.

1 – Listen to one hour of Radio Vocalo 

2 – Listen to these two World Cafe interviews:

Don Bryant on the Art of Songwriting 

The Chicks Are Still Speaking Out 

3 -From On The Media: Listen to Making Sense of ‘Cancel Culture’  

4 – Listen to this episode of Ear Hustle: Nobody Comes Back 

5 – Watch: Love, Life & The Virus from Frontline

6 – Watch: The Planets: Saturn from Nova 

7 – Listen to Song Exploder: Black Pumas episode 

8 – Watch: Antiques Roadshow: Cleveland, Hour One 

9 – Listen to this episode of The Ted Radio Hour: The Greater Good 

10 – Read these two articles from Code Switch:

“Hispanic, Latino, or LatinX….Survey Says” 

How DACA has changed the lives of Dreamers 

11 – Listen to “Criminal Justice System & Police” from Radio Milwaukee


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