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University of California San Diego Unprofessional Long Email Project

1. write an unprofessional email as way to understand the professional impact of your writing

3.  Choose from one of the three scenarios below to draft your email

Scenario#1:You are a third-year pharmacy student (this is a particularly realistic scenario!).You havean assignment that is due in a week that you will not be able to complete on time because 1) you did not manage your timeappropriately and 2) you have a test coming up in Cardiology classthat you’d prefer to study for. You know that the professor for my class has a strict policy where late work is not accepted and given a grade of zero.Given this information, email your professor and tell them you’ll be submitting your assignment late and demand that it be accepted for grading with no penalty.You’ve also cc’d the Dean of the School of Pharmacy on your response to the professor.

Scenario #2:You are a second-year pharmacy student in cardio class and are working with three other students on a group project. You are upset and feel that you are “doingall of the work”even though members of your group are in fact contributing to the project and are indeed working hardand doing good work.Given this information, email your professor and tell them that you demand to be reassigned to a new group or that the rest of your group members should get an “F” grade on the assignment while you deserve all the creditand an “A.”

Scenario #3:You are a second-year pharmacy student driving to your IPPE rotation with Dr. Grievous that is 15 minutes away from your apartment. During your commute, you unexpectedly get a flat tire. You call to get your car serviced on the side of the road and the estimate for the tire repair is one hour. Next, youemail your preceptor from your phone to tell them what happened and that you’ll be arriving in an hour after the tire has been fixed. After your repair, you go back home and fail to show up to your rotation later as promised. Later that evening, you receive an email from your preceptor informing you that you havefailed your rotationfor not showing up, as promised. Given this information, email your preceptor demanding an apology and explainthat their email is completely unfair, unprofessional,and that you’ll be showing up to the rotation tomorrow as originally scheduled. You’ve also cc’d the preceptor’s supervisoron your email.


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