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University of California Santa Barbara Chapter 8 Hated In the Nation by James Hayes 2016 Essay

PROMPT: To enable you to explore the film you wrote about for the first paper in more detail, you’ll be writing about the same title that you did for Paper #1,* for which you are asked to provide an analysis of film style. That is, you should discuss the patterned use of formal strategies–how the film looks and sounds–and the ways in which the formal strategies underscore, emphasize, contradict, or comment upon a theme, character, or issue presented in the world of the film. Think about how the film uses mise en scene, cinematography, acting/performance, sound, or editing. You should focus on only one or two of these elements–and their PATTERNED or repeated use so that you can provide a careful examination of how the elements you select are used throughout the film as a whole. It may be useful to select a scene or segment from the film that enables you to closely examine the significant formal strategies you consider important in your analysis. 

Be sure to write about the same film you did for Paper #1. 

* DO NOT duplicate any material or text you included in your first paper

Avoid simply listing elements from, or your observations about, the film without providing an analysis of their patterned use throughout the film.

Important: provide a strong, clearly stated thesis statement in the introductory paragraph of your paper. Then, support your thesis and claims using carefully chosen evidence from the film. **

You should carefully review two things: 

1st: The following section in the Film Art textbook: Chapter 8, start at “Summary: Style and Film Form” and stop at the sub-section “Style and Narration: Omniscience.” 

2nd: The excerpt posted on the course website (the link under the prompt for Paper #2) to enable you to carefully prepare your analysis. 

Be very careful not to use plot summary extensively and to organize your observations with a coherent thesis, which you support with precise examples from the film. Also, the paper should be your analysis; in other words, do not consult outside sources, including film reviews/criticism and/or DVD commentary. 

* San Junipero @ ad4a0160161a * 

Hated in the Nation @ ad4a0160968d


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