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University of Central Florida 21st Century Communications Discussion Post

This discussion post is optional but if you create an original post AND comment on someone else’s post in a constructive and reflective manner, you can earn 2 points extra credit per module discussion post. Posts are due by NOON Wednesday each week. Please use full sentences and proper grammar and punctuation. You cannot post in later weeks to this discussion hoping to earn extra credit.

For this module, reflect on the following:

In the twenty-first century, we have more media options available to us than ever before. But most of the major media outlets are owned by a small number of corporations. Given this, do you believe that we as media consumers have more or fewer choices than in the past? What is the potential impact of fewer corporations owning more of your media options? Please provide examples to support your position. Make sure you respond a classmate with more than an “I agree.”


I think this statement brings a lot of things into question. With us being in the 21st Century we do have many more media outlets and options then we ever did many years ago. However, with most of the different kinds of outlets being owned by the same small number of corporations it does it limit what we are given and shown. In my mind, a good way to describe the situation (that makes sense to me at least) is that yes our media outlets are limited but they are also broadened by the outlets created within. Even with saying that there is the knowledge and acknowledgement of what we know we don’t have and what we are not given access too. All in all, I think if we just take what is given we do have less choices than we would have if we were to take the time to look into and investigate what we have and don’t have.


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