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University of Central Florida Communications Discussion

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How do you feel about television programs or movies featuring sponsored products within the show? Do you find product placement more annoying in scripted programs or movies than in reality shows? Why or why not? Use some examples of product placement you have seen in tv shows or movies.

Peer Response

When it comes to television shows or movies featuring sponsored products in the media, I really do not mind it, unless the show or movie is heavily pushing the product. Most of the sponsored products in a show or movie are subliminally placed and are only brought to the audience’s eyes in certain shots of certain scenes. I think product placement in a television show is more annoying than in a movie because it is something they can harp on or push for several episodes. When it comes to a movie it’s a 2 to three hour block where that product may be featured a few times and that is it. The product placement example that comes to mind that worked great was in Jurassic Park with the Barbasol container. I think this product placement was done very well because while the product is seen multiple times throughout the film, they show its actual use as shaving cream, but for the film’s purpose it doubled as a device to carry dinosaur embryos. It was product placement but also served a purpose to further the plot in the film. The television show I can think of where the product placement is done okay is in the show All American. The product is the Microsoft tablet and it is constantly shown throughout the series when there is a computer on a desk. I do not think All American does a bad job at product placement and it also serves a purpose as being game film for the players and coaches, but the Barbasol can was better placed, in my opinion. 


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