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University of Central Florida Personal Audit on Stress Management Questions

– Stress Management:

– Goal Setting and Delegation:

– Delivering Constructive Feedback:

Here are your discussion questions for this week’s Textbook Reflection assignment. We are going to focus on four skills. Keeping your answers limited to six pages will probably be a challenge this week–choose your words wisely. It must be 5-6 pages double spaced. No heading page. APA 7th. You can choose to answer all four questions or choose and select three of them as described below.

Reflection Questions (choose 3 or 4):

1. Perform a personal audit on your methods of stress management. Use the concepts from the book (pp. 304-310) and the supplemental lecture. How well do you do managing your own stress and that of your coworkers?

2. Describe a recent situation where you had to establish/set some work goals and assess how well you did at implementing the basic principles of effective goal setting (e.g., specific and observable, attainable but challenging, developing commitment, providing feedback) described on pp. 470-473.

3. Arrange a situation where you can deliver constructive feedback to someone else. In other words, don’t reflect on a situation that you have recently experienced; rather, go out and provide constructive feedback to someone else as part of this assignment. Even though we are skipping a specific analysis of effective and supportive communication (pp. 290-301), this assignment is actually an exercise in effective and supportive communication. After you have completed your discussion with your selected other person, describe your performance and how well you implemented the principles described on pp. 473-478.

4. Define “delegating” using your own words and describe a situation (1.) where you had work/tasks delegated to you and (2.) where you delegated work/tasks to other people. After you have described those examples, discuss the outcomes that arose as a result of successful completion of the delegated tasks. Did you and your coworkers grow and develop in any specific ways (e.g., trust, respect, professionalism, “involvement,” etc.)? Delegation is described in our book on pp. 490-495.


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