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University of Central Florida Philanthropy vs Social Enterprises Summary


Write a paper about:

Part 1: After watching Real Value in full, and after reading about Homeboy Industries, thoroughly analyze Homeboy Industries in terms of its Real Value.

Part 2: While philanthropy is good, evaluate Kevin Trapani’s statements that “philanthropy is the old way,” and “all profits are not created equal. Evaluate social enterprise in relation to these statements.

Part 3: The final project involves designing a solution. Identify the problem that you are choosing to address with your final project in this class. What would you like to do about it? What can you do about it? Who else has tried to address this problem? In what ways have they succeeded? Where have they had difficulty?

I have had a discussion about Homeboy industries in the past and here it is:

Q: What do you think about Homeboy Industries? Why do you think this social enterprise is effective?

One of the barriers to full participation in society is that when people return to society from prison, they often have a hard time getting employed–leading people to return to a life of crime. What do you think could remove that barrier? Why does that barrier exist to begin with? What are people’s beliefs and assumptions around the kinds of issues Homeboy industries tries to address?

Answer: My opinion on Homeboy Industries is that it is a great social enterprise as it has given hope to so many people who had previously no hope in their life. I view this enterprise as a lifesaving industry since, through the hope it has shared with its members, some of them who were previously contemplating suicide no longer feel like that. I believe this enterprise is successful because it has always ensured that it can attain its goal.

To remove that barrier, the community should first be taught to stop judging ex-convicts. It is the first step towards removing that barrier. Additionally, the government could chip in and make it necessary that every big company hires at least two or three ex-convicts at their workplaces, this issue exists because people in the outside world believe that once a person becomes a criminal, they can never change. And that is why, even after criminals have served their time and come back to the world, people still fear them, and as a result, they discriminate against them. 


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