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University of Central Florida Unit 4 SBAR Report Discussion

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  1. Unit 4 Discussion

    We are going to switch things up a bit! Read the instructions carefully!!! Every student will have submitted an SBAR for the following cases listed below.

    • Answer the scenarios listed below to address in the Discussion POST.
    • Create a written SBAR report based on the basic patient scenario provided.
      • Imagine you are sending the patient to another provider, or unit, or facility, or clinic. You will need to fill in any information needed for a complete SBAR report.
      • You can be creative, but it must be accurate based on your understanding of problem and subjective and objective assessments. Use the text to help you and ensure accuracy. Use your experience. Use what you learned in this course!
      • You may need to add factors such as gender, age, appropriate vital signs, HPI, significant medical and/or family history, and physical examination outcomes. These are examples, there may be more or less based on the case.
      • Create an SBAR communication that gives a clear picture of the patient and their current status to the receiving provider.
    • Include APA 7th edition format citations and references for any resources that were used.
    • POST SBAR to the Discussion .
  2. ***Patient A.B. is a teen with scoliosis who has come with their mother to the ED. A.B complains of back pain from “sitting long hours”. You have provided care for A.B. and reporting to the oncoming nurse. Be sure to include your musculoskeletal assessment for this complaint. Consider the age related factors for assessing a teen client in your SBAR communication.
  3. ***The “Be Creative Option! Create your own patient, complaint, history, and assessment scenario. You may start by choosing a chief complaint related to any body system and condition. Draw on all you know. Build your patient, the CC, HPI, the medical and significant family history, the significant subjective and objective assessments and then communicate your findings in an SBAR format. Don’t hold back!


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