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University of Central Oklahoma ConnectQ Application Project Plan

  • Project Plan: Project Charter and Scope (Team Assignment): Determine an idea for a project, with a start date of 3 months after the course end date (this means you will not have done any work on the project).

NOTE: The project cannot be a home improvement/house build project, Sneaker or Shoe project, or Restaurant/Food project) and it must have or use a “sustainability” flare, using environmentally safe products or materials. If the team is composed of CIS / IT, members, you may develop a “sustainability” type IT project.

Sustainability Context

You can choose a company/city/industry you currently work for or have experience with that is involved with an issue related to sustainability. Alternatively, you can choose a local company/city/industry that you may or may not have direct contact with.


Develop a project charter according to the PMBOK Guide and a project scope according to CH 4 of Project Management. Use the project scope checklist as paragraph headings for that section; do not include “6. Reviews with customers”. Include as part of the project scope a stakeholder analysis and a communications plan. The work breakdown structure (WBS) will be created in either MS Project or MS Excel and transferred to a table in the assignment. The MS Project / MS Excel file will be turned in with the MS Word document. Format the paper (in MS Word) according to APA in terms of citations and references.

Provide References.


1. You are required to cite any paraphrases, quotations, or support for your opinions/assertions; providing appropriate references on the references page.

2. You are required to use any standard Project Plan Template found in an internet search. At a minimum, the template should contain the following sections: Project Description, Objective(s), Scope, Project Budget, Key Stakeholder, Monitoring and Evaluation. You will begin using the template and include paragraph headings as these show you what you are required to submit) with each project plan assignment.


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