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University of Cumberlands Managing in Global Environment Political Economy Discussion

is a copy of the week’s research terms. Topics will be selected on a
first come first serve basis. To claim a topic, go to this week’s
discussion forum (below) and check what topics remain available. Select
an available topic and start a new discussion thread by placing ONLY
the topic in the Subject Line (do not put your name or anything else
here). Leave the body of the thread blank and save the post. In weeks
where there are insufficient topics for everyone; once all topics have
been selected you may then start selecting from the entire list again.
But there should never be three posts on the same topic – if so the last
one posted will receive no credit.

your topic selection, research your selected topic in the university’s
electronic library from only academic (refereed) journals. You will
need at least three journal references and the textbook. Start your
research with the textbook so it always grounds your topic. When your
research is complete post it in the discussion forum below.

  1. Structure your paper as follows:
    1. Cover page
    2. Overview describing the importance of the research topic to current business and professional practice in your own words.
    3. Purpose of Research should
      reflect the potential benefit of the topic to the current business and
      professional practice and the larger body of research.
    4. Review of the Literature summarized
      in your own words. Note that this should not be a “copy and paste” of
      literature content, nor should this section be substantially filled with
      direct quotes from the article. A literature review is a summary of the
      major points and findings of each of the selected articles (with
      appropriate citations). Direct quotations should be used sparingly.
      Normally, this will be the largest section of your paper (this is not a
      requirement; just a general observation).
    5. Practical Application of
      the literature. Describe how your findings from the relevant research
      literature can shape, inform, and improve current business and
      professional practice related to your chosen topic.
    6. Conclusion in your own words
    7. References formatted according to APA style requirements


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